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Who Do You Call When You Have Lice?

When you have lice, what is your first panicked thought? Do you run to Google? Ask a friend? Or do you call one of your own parents to ask how they handled it when you were a kid? Due to the taboo nature of a lice infestation, more often than not, people turn to the […]

Summer Lice Prevention Tips

Lice don’t take summer off, according to Greg and Eric Eisen, owners of Lice Clinics of America® –  Connecticut, with locations in Danbury, Orange, and West Hartford. In fact, summer months often spur an uptake in cases of head lice when children spend an extended amount of time together with sleepovers, camps, and family vacations. […]

American Academy of Pediatrics Updates Head Lice Guidance

American Academy of Pediatricians Updates Head Lice Guidance   In 2015 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated its guidance on head lice treatment as new products were introduced after the academy’s 2010 report.  The new report was published in the journal Pediatrics, and it highlights some exciting new developments in the battle against head […]

Head Lice Leaving You Lost?

As you welcome in the New Year, are you welcoming unwanted head lice? As professionals in the Lice industry, we understand the struggle your family has with failing to remove head lice. As your children go back to school and surround themselves with friends, their chances of becoming subject to a head lice outbreak increase. […]

New Treatment For Lice Comes To The Shoreline

ORANGE, Conn. (WTNH) — If you’ve had lice yourself or had it in your home you know how uncomfortable it can be. Not to mention a nuisance. “There’s a stigma that’s been attached to lice for a very long time and that, of course, has shamed a lot of people so when people get it […]

Just hot air: the device that kills super lice

Head lice are becoming more resistant to lice-treatment products and as a result, these “Super Lice” are becoming more difficult to kill, according to Larada Sciences. Clinical studies of the FDA-cleared AirAllé device showed it to be a highly effective method of killing lice in a single, hour-long treatment. In particular, it killed 99.2% of […]