Experts Warn of Super Lice

But They’re No Match for AireAlle Lice Treatment from LCA Connecticut

Head lice are becoming more and more resistant to most conventional lice-treatment products in the Connecticut and Massachusetts. As a result, these “Super Lice” are becoming more difficult to kill, increasing frustration and anxiety among parents.

LCA’s exclusive AirAllé treatments dehydrate lice and their eggs using gentle, heated air rather than toxic chemicals, effectively kill even these super lice. Learn more about us – see us featured on WTNH News8.

Clinical studies of the AirAllé device showed it to be a highly effective method of killing lice in a single, hour-long treatment. In particular, it killed 99.2 percent of lice eggs, which was important because many lice-treatment products don’t kill eggs and require multiple treatments and extensive combing to remove the eggs.

No need for more appointments or follow ups. No hidden fees.

We are so confident in our exclusive, full-service treatment that we guarantee it. As long as each individual in the household is screened then this full service treatment is 100% guaranteed.

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With locations in West Hartford and Orange, CT, we are the exclusive provider for most areas of Connecticut and Massachusetts for Lice Clinics of America, a world leader in lice-treatment services and the world’s largest network of lice-removal professionals. Our flagship product is the FDA-cleared AirAllé device. Please contact us today to learn more about our urgent care treatment center for head lice and schedule an appointment.