We sell and use only all-natural, non-toxic lice treatment products.

Lice Clinics of America Preventative Spray

Our spray is a non-toxic, chemical-free deterrent for lice. Our Preventive Spray is formulated to repel lice. This product does not treat head lice but it is a valuable preventative treatment.

Lice Clinics of America Comb-Out Mousse

Our unique enzyme-based mousse is designed to facilitate the removal of lice nits during a comb-out. Our solution is non-toxic, chemical-free, safe and effective.

Lice Clinics of America Active Rinse

Active Rinse will rapidly exterminate hatched lice in a matter of minutes. Although it doesn’t kill nits (lice eggs), this dimethicone-based product works by plugging the louse’s breathing holes. It does not contain pesticides to which lice can develop resistance.

Lice Clinics of America Lice Comb

Removes lice eggs easily to ensure best results on comb-outs.

Lice Clinics of America – Lice Removal Kit

The Lice Remover Kit contains a non-toxic, pesticide-free liquid gel that immobilizes lice, detangles hair and facilitates the removal of lice and eggs—all with no mess.

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