Head Lice and Halloween: The Real Monsters Behind the Masks


While it’s unclear whether the scary clowns popping up before Halloween are real, there’s no debate that head lice from Halloween costumes is a concern and can last long after the candy is gone.

With the celebration falling on a Monday this year, it’s a good bet your kids will be wearing their costumes to school. And kids love to try on their friend’s costumes and wigs!

With lice lurking in many Connecticut and Massachusetts schools, be sure to follow these tips and have your Halloween be creepy crawly, in a good way!

  • Tip #1: Children should not share or try on their friends’ costume items, particularly hats, masks, wigs, etc.
  • Tip #2: See Tip #1 (it’s that important – make sure they understand!)
  • Tip #3: Put all new or borrowed costumes in a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours before wearing. Without a host to feed on, any head lice will die within 48 hours. Short on time? Check the label and throw it in the dryer on high heat for 45 minutes before wearing them.
  • Tip #4: Cover your child’s head with a swimming cap before putting on the wig or mask. You can find a good, cheap one here.
  • Tip #5: Be observant. If you notice your child scratching or picking his or her scalp, contact Lice Clinics of America to schedule a same-day head check for peace-of-mind. We get rid of the lice in one treatment of one hour!

Halloween is a great time to be with your family and friends. Don’t let lice get ruin the fun; instead of being scared of lice, be scared by the ghosts and goblins! And call us today for more information on how Lice Clinics of America Connecticut can help you get rid of lice on Halloween – and year round!