What You Need to Know About Super Lice in Connecticut and Massachusetts


We get it, parenting is no breeze. From shuttling kids, to cooking dinners, there’s hardly enough time to squeeze it all in. The last thing you need to deal with is your kid getting lice. And worse, parents in Connecticut and Massachusetts are dealing with “Super Lice”- strains that have become resistant to OTC treatments.

Here are six things you need to know about dealing with Super Lice:

  1. The key differentiator between Super Lice and other lice strains is that they’re resistant to Pyrethroid medications (over the counter treatments such as shampoos).
  2. Super Lice is effecting families in all corners of CT and MA.
  3. It’s important to avoid close contact with infested people – no selfies and definitely no sharing of clothing, hats or hair accessories.
  4. The best way to confirm whether you have head lice is to come into an LCA Connecticut location in West Harford or Orange, CT and get a head check. If you see any indications of lice, have itchiness or a moving feeling in your hair, let us help.
  5. The most successful treatment for Super Lice is our safe and effective AirAllé treatment, which dehydrates the lice and eggs with heated air (usually one treatment of one hour).
  6. Lice Clinics of America Connecticut guarantees total removal of Super Lice in just one visit. Most “nitpickers” do not guarantee that Super Lice will be removed in one treatment using the old methods of nit picking and combing.

If you think you or your child might have lice, don’t worry. Call us to set up an appointment at our urgent lice care clinics. As long as each individual in the household in screened, our full service treatment is 100% guaranteed – and you can get back to your normal, lice-free routine.