Unsuspecting moms cause spread of lice

Most moms want the best for their children and are diligent about keeping them safe and healthy. When they discover their child has head lice they often become desperate and frantically search for a cure. Unfortunately, there is a lot of incorrect information out there.

Well-meaning friends or relatives might suggest home treatments such as mayonnaise or petroleum jelly. Some of these remedies actually do kill some of the lice. However, they have no effect at all on the eggs. Other moms will run to the drugstore and buy over-the-counter remedies only to discover they are less than 50% effective.

Unfortunately, many moms will try over-the-counter treatments again and again only to end up with the same results: their children still have lice. And the longer their  children have lice, the more likely they are to spread it to others.

The good news is that there are effective ways to treat your children. For example, heated-air technology has been clinically proven to kill lice and their eggs. Many mothers also report that comb-out services from professional nit pickers can be effective, but may take several hours to complete, and may require additional at-home combing or repeat treatments for up to two weeks.

Our hope is that moms will end the stress and aggravation caused by head lice by spreading the truth about what really works, and what doesn’t. Because, the spread of truth reduces the spread of lice.