How To Prepare Your Child For a School Lice Check

Preparing your child for a routine lice check

Waiting in the “lice line” is a memory ingrained in the minds of anyone who ever went to grade school and we, as parents, are eternally grateful to school nurses, the first line of defense against an outbreak. But, we shouldn’t assume that all kids, particularly young ones, will take the experience in stride.  If not properly prepared, the experience could be scary for a little one who doesn’t know what the nurse is looking for and – worse still – what happens if she finds it!

Here’s how to prepare your first-timer for a routine lice check:

  1. Let your child know that lice checks don’t hurt and only take a minute. Explain that the nurse will most likely use fingers or a long Q-tip to check for harmless bugs and their eggs.
  2. Make sure to wash and comb your child’s hair the night before. If the nurse can’t get through the hair, it will only slow down the process and make it less comfortable.
  3. If your child is afraid, assure him or her that it’s OK to hold a friend’s hand, sit on a teacher’s lap or ask to go last.
  4. Point out that the nurse may use a magnifying lamp but it’s nothing more than a light
  5. Find out about your school’s lice policy and whether children with lice are sent home immediately. Reassure your child that, if anyone is sent home, they’ll take care of the problem and be back soon.

Most importantly, teach your child that there’s no reason to be ashamed of lice and it can happen to anyone, regardless of where or how they live. Take comfort in knowing that Lice Clinics of America is nearby in West Hartford and Orange, CT. If you suspect your child may have lice, come in before the school exam for a professional screening by one of our technicians. If your child is affected by an outbreak, we can take care of it with one treatment, in one hour…guaranteed.